There's Nothing Out There
"Kanefsky shows energy and promise... It's easy to be well-disposed towards a horror send-up in which the answer to a question like Where's Jim? is, 'Jim's in the other room, melting.' "
--Janet Maslin, The New York Times
"...this cheap but highly entertaining feature is ideal for horror addicts, as it parodies the genre's cliches while indulging in them."
--Billboard Magazine
"...filmmaker Rolfe Kanefsky brings an amusingly satirical tone to the slasher melodrama of his There's Nothing Out There."
--Joe Leydon, Variety
"...Kanefsky is nothing if not thorough in trotting out and sending up the complete catalogue of fright-flick cliches... his effort is a well-acted, tightly edited, and surprisingly slick low-budget affair that supplies its share of fun for frightcom fans."
--The Phantom, NY Daily News
"...I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun I had watching this intentionally campy film. Three stars!"
--Mike Caccioppoli, WABC Radio
"Rolfe Kanefsky certainly knows how to send up Friday the 13th-type movies with wit, style, and suspense. His film is fast, funny, and a fine calling card for Hollywood. In its unpretentious, throwaway manner, There's Nothing Out There is a winner."
--Kevin Thomas, LA Times
"There's a lot of hit-and-miss in There's Nothing Out There but its hits are on target and its self-indulgent laughs are funny. It may not be everyone's cup of ooze, but you might find there's more out there than it seems."
-- Jeff Menell, The Hollywood Reporter
"There's Nothing Out There may be considered a success... Kanefsky's main achievement is to exactly capture the shrill, wild-eyed, slightly creepy humor of so many young sci-fi fanatics..."
-- Bob Campbell, Newark Star-Ledger
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Spring break, seven teenagers, a secluded cabin, and a dark forest... Sound familiar? Not this time! There's Nothing Out There takes the teenage slasher genre and turns it on its end! One of the teens has seen every horror movie known to man, and now he's armed to spot the danger signs of a massacre in the making-- a good thing when there's an evil alien presence in the woods... hungry and ready to mate!

Prepare to chuckle and shudder with the cult horror/comedy favorite that's earned coast-to-coast raves from critics and fans. There's most definitely something out there!

In 2001, this hilarious, critically-acclaimed spiritual forrunner to the Scream series was re-released by Image Entertainment on a special edition DVD, to more raves and a whole new generation of fans! And the sequel, There's Still Nothing Out There, is currently in the works with Trace Entertainment. If you liked at Scary Movie, then this movie will have you screaming!

There's Nothing Out There
There's Nothing Out There
There's Nothing Out There
There's Nothing Out There

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There's Nothing Out There