Tomorrow by Midnight
Tomorrow by Midnight
Alexis Arquette (The Wedding Singer, Bride of Chucky, Pulp Fiction),
Carol Kane (When a Stranger Calls, Dog Day Afternoon, The Princess Bride),
William Vogt (Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Alien Arsenal, Murdercycle),
Scott Rinker (They Crawl, Shoot or Be Shot, The Drew Carey Show),
Tamara Craig Thomas (Odyssey 5, The Curve, Star Trek:Voyager),
Jennifer Lambert (The Contract, The Young & the Restless),
Karim Prince (How to Make a Monster, Malcolm in the Middle, Freaky Links),
Robert Donovan (Pretty Cool, The Hazing, Rod tbm)
& Mark Collver (CSI, Blind Eye, Barb Wire).
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The First Glance L.A. Film Festival
The Rhode Island Horror Film Festival

First Glance 5 Philadelphia Film Festival
Pasadena Method Fest
Munich Fantasy Film Fest
Tamecula Film Festival

(a.k.a. Midnight 5)
Tomorrow by Midnight is a hip and cool comedy-thriller about five young people that set out to enjoy a night of harmless fun, like the night before, and the night before that, and the night before that-- just looking for something to break the monotony. This time, they've ended up with more excitement than they'd bargained for...

A beat-up car pulls into the parking lot of the local Ultimate Video store. It's 11:53pm, and four college students-- Tom, Cosmo, Lee and Kira-- arrive to return their videos and rent a couple more. A simple plan. What could go wrong?

Sidney, the anal-retentive video clerk demands a late fee when Lee hands in the tapes. On top of that, Sidney refuses to rent the kids any more tapes, claiming that the store is now closed.

But Lee isn't gonna settle for that sort of customer service.  He pulls a gun and points it at Sidney's face! The kids' ordinary night has suddenly become much more interesting...

Hilarious, insightful and totally original, Kanefsky's new critically-acclaimed film Tomorrow by Midnight asks the questions, do movies imitate society or does society imitate the movies? Where does entertainment end and real life begin? And what happens when a police SWAT team arrives and surrounds the video store you've just taken hostage?

Sometimes, renting a video isn't as simple as you think...


Rolfe on the set of TBM
Rolfe on the set of TBM