Pretty Cool
Howard Duckell dreams of being suave, sophisticated, and overall, cool. In short, he wants to be Tom Cruise.

In his fantasy world, Howard is Tom Cruise. In the real world, he is a bumbling high school teenager who wakes up late for his own graduation. But after a freak accident, Howard discovers that he has the power to read people's minds and control their actions!

           What would you do with the ultimate power?

What do you think a horny high schooler would do with the ability to control any girl with his slightest thought? Everything you can imagine and much, much more!

Pretty Cool is a new outrageous comedy in the tradition of American Pie and Road Trip. That's right, PC doesn't mean Politically Correct anymore!

Will Burke (American Dreams, Sex & the City),
Alexis Thorpe (American Wedding, Days of Our Lives),
Amy Brassette (Cedric the Entertainer Presents),
Gerard Karsenty, Celia Bergqvist (Junior),
Summer Altice (Grind, The Scorpion King, ChromiumBlue)
& Holly Sampson (The Brotherhood II,
Emmanuelle's Intimate Encounters)
Pretty Cool
Pretty Cool
Pretty Cool
Pretty Cool
Pretty Cool
Pretty Cool
Pretty Cool
Pretty Cool
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"God bless Rolfe Kanefsky. Often hilarious, Pretty Cool  is miles ahead of the recent spate of unfunny National Lampoon movies... People of the internet,
I command you to see this film!
3 1/2 stars."

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"This is one of those mindless comedies where you leave your brain at the door and just sit back an enjoy some very funny jokes and some half-naked ladies... it is good for some really good laughs along the way. If you enjoy comedies like Porky's, you're going to wanna pick this title up today. 3 stars."
   --Video Views

"A high-school comedy that posits itself somewhere between American Pie and Weird Science... some highly-sexed escapades ensue, with director Rolfe Kanefsky steering his film into wickedly funny, entirely tasteless territory."

"Pretty Cool, per capita, is MTI's highest
renting title in 2 years!"
   --Larry Brahms, MTI video, distributor of Pretty Cool on DVD


Pretty Cool Too DVD
which includes DVDs of both
Pretty Cool Too
as well as the original Pretty Cool !
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"Yes, there's plenty of sexual humor and a fair amount of nudity. Goody! And it's funny too! You really ought to check it out. It's funny and a great throwback to the comedies that prevailed when I was a kid."

"Sexy and hilarious... check this one out."