"Writer/producer/director Kanefsky's forte has always been horror (There's Nothing Out There, The Hazing, and the superb Nightmare Man, among others.) Yet in Pretty Cool Too… he manages to pull off some magnificent comedy bits. There is an 'orgy' sequence which is nothing short of hilarious, and brings to mind the frenetic 'stateroom scene'
in the Marx Brothers' classic
A Night At The Opera.
--Sirens Of Cinema Magazine

Eric Fagundes, Brandi Williams, Robert Donavan, Trina Shpur, Matt Bobb, James Ferris, Angela Dodson, Joy Giovanni, Kristyn Green and Tiffany Shepis
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Pretty Cool Too DVD
which includes DVDs of both
Pretty Cool Too
as well as the original Pretty Cool !
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"Pretty Cool Too is a solid follow-up to its 2001 predecessor…more sexually-charged, slapstick antics to keep the viewer laughing and hooked from beginning to end…
hilarious blend of sharp screenwriting and shameless lowbrow antics. It may be farts and titties but someone with intelligence was behind the camera. Call it farts and smarts if you want to…Pretty Cool Too doles out the laughs and the cheesecake generously and fans of the original should definitely come back for more. 3 ½ stars."
-- B-Scared.com

"Whereas Pretty Cool seemed much more a throwback to the days of teen sex comedies of the 1980s, Pretty Cool Too is more of a modern, post American Pie variety, involving raunchier sex gags, embarrassing situations, and higher levels of gross-out humor... This one is a bit more on the Weird Science side… it delivers the goods. It does confirm Kanefsky's talent for quality casting of comedic actors who also have the looks to be in a sex comedy and in drawing out solid performances out of those who have little or no previous experience in films. Just as Amy Brassette proved to be the scene stealer in the first film, that award should rightfully go to Sierra Edwards… Pretty Cool Too is energetic…It's cruder, lewder, ruder. Kanefsky continues making inventive low-budget comedies with comedic flair."
-- Qwipster's Movie Reviews

"[Pretty Cool Too]  has some laughs. If that doesn't get you to watch it then knowing Tiffany Shepis stars in it and more naked boobies then you can count throughout the film should."
-- Gross Movie Reviews,
Bastards of Horror.com

"I've got to applaud the writer… Pretty Cool Too has got some eye candy. Angela Dodson's got a smoking body, [and] she shows she knows how to move it… pleasantly surprised with Walter's dorky love interest, Julia Lehman… Pretty Cool Too  shines where it is supposed to- nudity and more nudity… horny, prepubescent boys will love this movie!"
-- The Critical Critics.com

"A low-budget, high-fun throwback to the great teen sex-romp comedies of the 70's and 80's. Campy, goofy and tongue-in-cheeck, this is American Pie indie-style! The comedy is crude, slapstick and mostly juvenile, but well worth a few big laughs if you're in the mood for a good gross-out teen comedy. ...the ride is fun, frantic
and the best kind of frisky.
7 out of 10 "
-- EyeCraveDVD.com

"I can now safely say that Rolfe Kanefsky is an even hornier geek than I am… But what saves PRETTY COOL TOO is that Kanefsky is a good director. I really liked THE HAZING and have enjoyed most of his other movies. He delivers the horny thrills you’re looking for in his various B-adventures. There’s one extended scene where the guy has a perpetual hard-on and keeps getting it crushed in various devices.
I was laughing (and wincing) during that scene. There are also plenty of topless women…So if you’re in the mood for a teen sex comedy with a lot of fake orgasms, PRETTY COOL TOO is worth a look."
-- Dr. Gore Movie Reviews.com

"Remember I DREAM OF JEANNIE…or WEIRD SCIENCE… Writer/director Rolfe Kanefsky gives the concept an upgrade in PRETTY COOL TOOan amusing nod to A NIGHT AT THE OPERA (with  a romp in an overcrowded mattress taking the place of the famous stateroom scene). Julia Lehman is easily the standout in the cast, making Agatha truly sweet, engaging and, yeah, genuinely sexy.There’s also Robert Donavan, as Walter’s befuddled father, does a pretty good impression of a ‘50s sitcom dad."
-- FilmMonthly.com

"Lo, many years ago, there was a mysterious decade known to men as 'The 80s,' a mystical period for moviegoers in which cinemas were besieged with what the histories would come to call 'T&A comedies.' Rude, raunchy an unapologetically lowbrow, this was the golden age of fart jokes and juvenile sexuality… T he time of the T&A comedy has come again. For a generation of viewers who grew up on this stuff in all its campy glory, this is, indeed, pretty cool… The whole movie (PRETTY COOL TOO) is a vehicle for slapstick humor and adolescent leering; in other words, all the things that made this worn genre great to begin with. Kanefsky knows a thing or two about exploitation flicks… and he applies that sensibility, indulges in a cornball anything goes tone appropriate to the proceedings. The hypnotic cell phone is actually a pretty good plot device in itself, playing upon a common adolescent male fantasy and updating it in a way that wouldn’t have been possible in the genre’s mid-‘80s heyday. Fagundes is just fine as the slack-jawed Walter. Robert Donavan steals every scene he’s in. Everybody’s there to take a pratfall or to show some skin or convulse while fart sound effects are played on the soundtrack. Whatever complaints can be made about the movie, as a genre exercise, it works fine… it hits the notes it needs to and works as a late-period adjunct to the T&A comedies from which it liberally, shamelessly borrows. All anyone even considering watching the movie wants to know is this: Is there nudity? The answer is yes. Yes, there is."
-- DVD Verdict.com

"[Pretty Cool Too]  delivers plenty of comedy that will hopefully lead to a second sequel.
[ The ] fr
antic pace keeps the film from ever growing stale. The movie mostly works really well… it’s golden. Returning from the first PRETTY COOL is the always awesome Robert Donavan. The film comes with a commentary by Rolfe Kanefsky and Esther Goodstein that is informative and entertainment as per usual with Rolfe."
-- Your Video Store Shelf.com