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" One hell of a fun ride… Rolfe Kanefsky and cast inject the proceedings with such enthusiasm, that the film ends up being scary and fun. Tiffany Shepis is an absolute revelation here as she starts out as the “slutty” girl… only to take centre stage as the lead by the mid way point and show a different side to not only her character but her persona, as she uses her head instead of her body, taking control of the situation, refusing to give up her gun, fighting back and running when the shit hits the fan… In the end, it’s another great movie from Kanefsky… NIGHTMARE MAN  is a fun and frightening little flick that manages to cover some new ground, which in the B-movie arena is not an easy thing to achieve."
"1/2   NIGHTMARE MAN  is a solid, whirlwind of a horror movie, with more twists and turns than a hula hoop competition… this is a tight script, much more taut than most genre films of late, and the storyline pays in spades. The actors are up to the challenge too, creating a fun and suspenseful surrounding for the mystery to unfold. Kanefsky has been continually making a name for himself on the outskirts of popular filmmaking with wonderful popcorn fare like THERE’S NOTHING OUT THERE and PRETTY COOL. And Shepis, arguably the hardest working woman in B-Movies, has repeatedly built up her strengths, never relying on just T&A to get her by. Throw in [Blythe] Metz, who was such a revelation in JACQUELINE HYDE (nobody does crazy like Blythe!) and NIGHTMARE MAN might be the film that will give them the wide audience they deserve. If straight up horror can be this complex, then you know you’ve got yourself a winner. And that’s exactly what NIGHTMARE MAN  is."
-- Film
"A for to watch Rolfe Kanefsky's quirky characters and plots. If you are the kind of filmgoer for whom the names Rolfe Kanefsky, Tiffany Shepis, and Blythe Metz ring a bell, you are already 83% likely to see and enjoy NIGHTMARE MAN... NIGHTMARE MAN is intermittently fun and occasionally witty, with just the right touch of self-awareness... [Kanefsky] imbues things with a plucky enthusiasm that is at times infectious, making even a woman in lingerie wielding a crossbow semi-plausible. His winking reference to his own oeuvre strikes just the right balance between taking himself seriously and acknowledging that he's not exactly making an art film... By the end, NGHTMARE MAN becomes lovable and charming schlock..."
-- The Los Angeles Times
NIGHTMARE MAN  has great suspense and some devilishly clever, truly scary plot twists. There is one element, though, that makes this film stand apart from many other “scary” movies. Amid the shocks (of which there are plenty) writer/producer/director Rolfe Kanefsky zeroes in on the affect a sudden, unspeakable horror has on the lives of perfectly normal people. This is most evident in the incredible performance of (Tiffany) Shepis. She takes her role and infuses it with all the confusion, incredulity, and outright terror any real-life human being could possibly feel."
--Sirens Of Cinema Magazine
"I have seen all of Rolfe’s horror films, and I can honestly say that the last half of NIGHTMARE MAN  proves to be Kanefsky’s most suspenseful film to date-… The strong performances by the cast and level of suspense makes this film a winner. The young cast does a great job… not what you’d normally get from an Indie Horror film. NIGHTMARE MAN sports a great twist and it also has what I believe is the best climax of any of Rolfe’s previous films. The best performances come from it’s stars, Blythe Metz and Tiffany Shepis. I thought Metz did a rather convincing job of playing a struggling woman whom has the world against her it seems, and who also just might be borderline crazy. It was often so believable that it made me do a double take! People are saying that this may be (Tiffany Shepis’) best performance yet, and while I love her performance in THE HAZING  I have to agree. NIGHTMARE MAN is by far the most suspenseful film Kanefsky has done. I highly recommend this film to all types of fans, if you are a fan of Blythe Metz’s work, she is great here. And if you are a fan of Tiffany Shepis, if you see only one of her films, it should be NIGHTMARE MAN. She’s outstanding."
“Great horror film – solid script, tense build-up, lots of suspense and horror, and fantastic lead performances by Blythe Metz and especially Tiffany Shepis. It’s low budget horror with big budget payoff."


NIGHTMARE MAN  is a solid B-flick. The pacing is tight, the effects are good, and the acting is on par, if not a little above, usual B-standards. I enjoyed myself. Speaking of Tiffany Shepis, has anyone looked better holding a crossbow while stripped down to their black laced underwear? That’s a rhetorical question. Of course no one has! We must thank the director, (Rolfe Kanefsky), for having the foresight to include it in this movie… 3 out of 4 black laced Tiffanys!"
-- Dr. Gore
“Rolfe Kanefsky’s newest horror movie, NIGHTMARE MAN, is one of his best… The twists in the script work well, particularly the ending, in no small part due to the performances of the two leading ladies, [Blythe] Metz and [Tiffany] Shepis. The character that Blythe Metz portrays is the polar opposite of the one she portrayed in Kanefsky’s JACQUELINE HYDE  movie and she pulls it off well. This also features one of Shepis’ best performances to date. NIGHTMARE MAN  is everything a low-budget, independent horror movie should be- unique and entertaining."
“Whatever you do... don't go to sleep. It's been decades since horror fans have had a scary flick delivered to them that made them think twice about 20 winks while popping the no-doze but finally we're delivered another quality film that makes advocating sleep deprivation a means of survival for hardcore genre fans. Writer/director Rolfe Kanefsky revamps the slasher flick while simultaneously turning it into a nail biting intellectual thriller hybrid. Challenging your mind with the thought of whether the evil is real or a cognitive manifestation causes the viewer to be sucked into the film within the first 15 minutes. But, don't let your preconceived notion of what this film is get in the way. Just grab a cup of coffee kitties, stay wide awake, and hold on for a fast paced thrill ride into horror. The sound is vibrant and crisp which perfectly accompanies the vivid video and excellent camera work. The direction of the film is stunning with seamless editing that keeps everything tight and fast paced. The viewer is immediately grabbed by the film and it doesn't let go until the very bizarre (and unforseen) twist at the end. The effects for the most part are also amazing using excellent make up and prosthetics for the demon in the opening rape sequence and tons of beloved gore and blood for all the death scenes... The greatest thing about this flick is that it delivers the scare content but also engages the mind. It'll definitely have you thinking and biting your nails while on the edge of your seat. An intelligent horror slasher thriller... With this film delivering all that, NIGHTMARE MAN  could prove to be the film competition's worst nightmare."
--Draculina Magazine
"Few genre filmmakers have amassed a more precisely recognizable oeuvre of instantaneously gratifying shock & schlock that the inimitable Rolfe Kanefsky. In just over a decade, Kanefsky has managed to build a personal vision of independent cinema wholly rooted in the tongue-in-cheek, camp and crud, 1980’s heyday of teen pics and slasher flicks. The past 3 years have seen Kanefsky up the ante with a series of serio-comedic-splatter fests starring the resplendent Tiffany Shepis. Not contented with passing film upon film with hollow images and inane banter, Shepis and Kanefsky have tapped the actress’ near brilliant comedic timing and fused it to Kanefsky’s capricious direction to create a trilogy of films that are inspired in the simplicity and outrageous in their execution. From CORPSES to THE HAZING, Kanefsky has taken Shepis’ characters through an upswing of higher education… In NIGHTMARE MAN, Kanefsky mines the 'cabin' genre with the same loving attention to laugh-out-loud comedy and gregarious gore that has marked his career… Once again, Kanefsky and Shepis deliver an insanely cool thrill ride packed to the gills with sexy ladies, spry dialogue and smooth as silk transitions. As fans of THE HAZING will recognize, just because the ending seems like a foregone conclusion does not mean that the journey won’t be bumpy as hell. In fact NIGHTMARE MAN twists and turns and back and forths so often that it would take a real sage to predict the outcome. As fans of smart surprises I can safely say that the climax of the film never once suffers from a slick 'cop out' vibe and the performances sell the film in every direction it travels. The scripting is tight as a noose--delivering some unexpected shocks while making some of the project more obvious ideas seem damn near original- a true coup for genre fans who find most 'into the woods' thrillers tired and tedious. After Kanefsky’s last three projects, which have found the filmmakers’ confidence and comic sensibilities increasing exponentially,
I was secretly prepared for a misstep or two, but happily this film fails to deliver any disappointments. 4 Skulls!"
“A geuinely creepy sleeper; NIGHTMARE MAN's bogeyman makes most B-movie monsters look like a sewing fraternity."

--Flavor Magazine /

“Tempestuous beauty Blythe Metz, polarizing herself from JACQUELINE HYDE's schizophrenic shrew, further validates her acting chops; her crossover to the A-list is imminent."


NIGHTMARE MAN  is a white knuckle carnival ride into murder, madness and the supernatural that hurtles along its tracks like a runaway freight train. It's the third and latest offering from the reining low budget horror tag team champion director Rolfe Kanefsky and scream queen hottie Tiffany Shepis, after THE HAZING  and CORPSES. Like a well oiled machine they utilize Tiffany's winning charm and gorgeous body combined with Rolfe's soon to be patented formula of blood, boobs and twisted humor to produce a perfectly executed spook show thriller. Rolfe has recently made a niche for himself in the horror market with several efforts that far surpass the product of most of his (bigger budgeted) brethren. NIGHTMARE MAN  is another winner complete with a witty script, tight editing, firm direction, and buckets of grue. In addition the film features a topflight cast-- along with Shepis, there's some stellar work from Blythe Metz (JACQUELINE HYDE), Luciano Szafir, and a nice cameo from Richard Moll. It all adds up to a slick hip horror flick full of sharp wit and visceral thrills... 3 1/2  Skulls!"
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I enjoyed myself entirely.NIGHTMARE MAN succeeds absolutely at what it aspires to -- it's an amusing little midnight movie built mostly out of off-the-racks elements. By definition, it doesn't disappoint. I've seen a lot of its kind, and it's way better than most."
-- Los Angeles City Beat
- Voted Top 10 Best Horror Film of 2006 -
"For sixteen years Rolfe Kanefsky has been in business, bringing us over twenty films and now has his own production company. For those of us who have been living and breathing horror for the last few decades, we distinctly remember having a definite case of deja vu when Wes Craven's SCREAM was released in 1996. For die hard horror fans, we knew we were seeing a more than obvious knock-off of Kanefsky's THERE'S NOTHING OUT THERE which was released five years earlier. With that being said, Rolfe has continued to never disappoint and his latest film NIGHTMARE MAN is no exception. I enjoyed the entire film from start to finish. Tiffany Shepis plays Mia, the heroine of NIGHTMARE MAN. This could simply be the performance of her career. I say this taking into consideration that Shepis has been in nearly forty films in ten years and I've probably seen all of them. I was impressed... I can't say I was pleasantly surprised with this movie, only because I would expect nothing less from Kanefsky. This was a fun, bloody, and entertaining film. Double triple thumbs up. Rating: 8/10.
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