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The Hazing
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Parry Shen (Better Luck Tomorrow)
Parry Shen
Tiffany & Brooke
Tiffany & Nectar
Tiffany & Nectar
Brad & Tiffany
Tiffany in her space suit with Nectar as bunny (left), and just themselves (below)
Brad Dourif clowns with Tiffany
Tiffany again,
with Brooke Burke
See more of Tiffany's snapshots on her web site,
Nectar Rose (Not Another Teen Movie)
Nectar Rose
Academy Award nominee Brad Dourif
Brooke Burke of Wild on E! makes her film debut in The Hazing
Brooke Burke
Tiffany Shepis (Six Feet Under, Nightmare Man)
Philip & Tiffany
Philip Andrew
Jeremy Maxwell (MTV's Undressed)
Jeremy Maxwell
Brooke Burke