The Hazing
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This hilariously frightening slasher film
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The DVD features the “extended” climactic love scene with Nectar Rose, special behind-the-scenes documentaries, bloopers , and more!
"Lots of camp and plenty of blood and boobs will satisfy most horror fans... The fact that you've seen it all before isn't a minus for this movie, it's a plus. It's pretty clear that director Rolfe Kanefsky wanted the audience to have fun with this movie, and he suceeded in delivering a really cool horror flick."
"A prolific writer/director, Kanefsky largely accomplishes his goal of making a hip modern horror film with loads of laughs... Kanefsky keeps the comic energy flowing, and there are enough twisted plot developments and quick jokes to keep viewers who groove on video premieres of this kind on their toes."
  -- Buzz McClain, VideoBusiness Magazine
"It's a solid effort...The DVD is well executed with some quality bonus features."
"Director Rolfe Kanefsky is obviously a big fan of EVIL DEAD. Lots of references can be seen throughout the movie…Mixing comedy (comedy that actually IS funny and not silly over-the-top stuff) with horror, THE HAZING is fun and campy enough to keep one entertained. Witty dialogue, fast pacing, cool effects- THE HAZING has it all."
   -- Film
"THE HAZING ... is above average for contemporary horror films."
"...this is a pretty nifty little thriller. Keep it in mind for Halloween."
   -- Staten Island Live
"...a rather fun, imaginative and gory B-movie of the highest quality! Some of the deaths on show are so original it hurts to watch them..."
   -- Russell Trunk's Exclusive Magazine
"THE HAZING is the most entertaining and imaginative body-count film of its particular type since 1983’s NIGHT OF THE DEMONS."
   -- Greg Goodsell, Screem Magazine
"Director Rolfe Kanefsky's new movie THE HAZING, is one of the best horror films I've seen all year.... Kanefsky manages to have fun with the stereotypes, and the genre, and surprisingly turns things around. None of the characters are exactly what you'd think they'd be. The script is swift, the dialogue clever, and the special effects right on the mark.... It all works extremely well... So check this movie out."
"This film does not only contain some good scares and gor but is also very funny which makes for a hightly entertaining movie. The cast is very good...just sit back and enjoy it for then entertainment value, which it rates high in."
   --Video Views
"…despite the fact that it’s a tale I’ve seen a hundred time before, THE HAZING turned out to be a pretty fun ride. The comedic timing and back-and-forth banter proves for some good laughs, and it doesn’t hurt that all the females in this movie are exceptionally attractive. Nectar Rose is a cute blonde who seems fairly comfortable amidst the gore and mayhem... [she] is sure to keep everyone’s attention, with her cute girl-next-door looks. Charmaine De Grate has some Mila Kunis (THAT 70’s SHOW) thing going on, and is at the beginning of her career- hope to see more. And Tiffany Shepis shines in her part as Marsha. THE HAZING is a fun way to spend an evening. Plant your tongue firmly in your cheek and just go along for the ride. You have to tip your hat to any teenage horror movie that goes against the grain;…"
   --Draculina Magazine
"With a well rounded cast, a wonderfully written script, and just some great filmmaking, this should be on the big screen.
It blows away what Hollywood has been throwing at us..."
         -- The Hacker's Source magazine
"The Hazing transcends the usual horror goofs to be a flick that everyone can enjoy... and delivers 90 minutes of enjoyable classic horrors. 8 out of 10."
         -- Jackass Critics
"...a fun little film, and definitely not a bad choice for those who want a little humor with their lightweight horror. 3.5 out of 5."
         -- Hero Realms
"3 Stars! The Hazing was a handful of scrumptious 'Smarties'! We get our wet gore, our appetizing female flesh, some knee slapping dialogue and all kinds of Evil Dead references. What’s not to love? Not only were all of the performers highly credible in their roles but they were also mucho likeable! All things considered The Hazing was dumb, fun and full of yum! This fly ride had all of its 'horror party' bases covered and ran with them as far as it could. It didn’t take itself seriously, aimed to entertain and in that respect it came through gangbusters!  LET’S GET LAID AND SLAUGHTERED!"
            -- Arrow in the Head
"3 Skulls. I was unexpectedly entertained by The Hazing... That the film takes such glee in disparaging the stereotypes of the genre even as it celebrates the clichés that support them is refreshing... you’ll be delighted by genuinely funny gags that poke fun at the references, or sharp left-turns that shake you out of your unamused “been there, done that” misgivings about the piece. Overall, not at all a bad effort by Rolfe Kanefsky... I'm very interested to see what he has next on his plate."
"Here we have a film with such wonderfully diverse attributes as a convincingly complex lead role, a plot that is diabolically clever in its simplicity but amazingly apt in its execution, and a script that delivers both gasps and laughs... In other words, the film contains all of the elements for a great horror flick, and Kanefsky knows how to mix them together perfectly."
   -- Aaron Frye, Baltimore Horror
"With enough blood and gore to put Tarantino's Kill Bill  to shame, this is in some ways a guilty pleasure for those who are disenchanted by the current crop of teen flicks. Rolfe Kanefsky is a reasonably talented director, and throws everything into the pot, combining homemade CGI, humour, gross-out horror and violence to come up with a product that is trashy, cheesy, unpretentious and highly entertaining. 3 stars."
   -- Filmink Magazine (Australia)
(Reviewed under international title, Dead Scared)
"…The production is quite good…The set pieces nicely flow together and the film is actually quite good fun. The sex scene between two of the characters where the poor boy loses his tongue (which has become possessed) is hysterical..."
   -- The Rumor Machine
"Who is Rolfe Kanefsky?…Rolfe has become a one-man factory. His move into horror comes with THE HAZING, an incredibly entertaining B-movie gem. The film follows the great tradition started by movies such as NIGHT OF THE DEMONS. THE HAZING is a prime example of B-Horror movie-ness at its best. Loads of fun.
3 ½ stars out of four."
"This movie seriously kicks ass and takes you on this sex crazed demented roller coaster of a ride. The characterization was supreme and rocked on all aspects, fueled by an excellent acting core. THE HAZING  was an excellent story on all aspects and highly entertainable. I’m anxious to see what Rolfe Kanefsky has up his sleeve. The man is utterly amazing.
THE HAZING is a Must see."
   -- Unspeakable
"You can tell the director, Rolfe Kanefsky, had a lot of fun with the script (which he also wrote). The special effects are very good, the dialogue is very witty and funny. He populates the movie with the usual stereotypes (dumb blond, jock, nerd, etc.) but puts a different spin on the characters. He even puts in a couple of EVIL DEAD references. This was gory good fun.
Highly recommended. Grade: A-."
   -- A to Z horror
"Despite owing a great deal to EVIL DEAD and NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, THE HAZING is an extremely fun and wacky horror movie. Whereas some Indie Horror flicks are bland homages with uninspired performances, Rolfe Kanefsky directs an enthusiastic cast and a fast paced story line (which he also wrote) swimmingly. The special effects are cool and the gore effects are bloody. What makes THE HAZING tick is the cast, the excellent pacing, and the comic dialogue. Nectar Rose (as Delia) and Parry Shen (as Tim) are the two actors that surprised me the most. They are both great comic actors and adept at fitting into a horror movie cast that never takes itself too seriously. Brad Dourif is great as usual… Outshining them all is the ridiculously gorgeous Tiffany Shepis, whose performance is great as Marsha, the badass pledge. If you’re looking for a bloody flick with some gratuitous T&A that kicks some ass, then THE HAZING is for you. With a cool script featuring nods to HELLRAISER and even RESERVOIR DOGS, how could you go wrong?"
   -- Doomed
"Never taking itself seriously, this teen-tastic fright fest has all the ingredients for a horror-riffic humdinger. Featuring all the cliches of your average screamer (group of tasty teens, haunted house, ancient curses, etc) but with its tongue firmly in its cheek, THE HAZING (aka DEAD SCARED) delivers both the laughs and the thrills… If you like horrific monsters, frequent nudity and some wonderfully cheesy special effects, this is your kind of movie."
"Sorority initiations and demons. I didn’t think these elements would be the essense of any good horror film since 1980’s. THE HAZING, however, is great…It is funny, full of cliches and pretty college chicks. This kind of teen slasher is about a zillion times better than some stupid Scream-movies. Probably the best teen slasher of the year! 4 Stars."
   -- Necronomicon Ex Mortis
"I think teen slasher flicks are easy to do, but hard to do right. It’s very easy to add in all the basic ingredients (sex, gore, and jokes) and still end up with a lame movie, thankfully this is not the case with THE HAZING. The difference between this movie and others of the sub-genre is that every effort has been made to keep every scene interesting or amusing in some way, and it works. The whole feel of the movie will remind most horror fans of 80’s straight-to-video classics. The CGI is surprisingly good. If you liked any of the NIGHT OF THE DEMONS movies or teen horror with a more supernatural direction, I think you’ll enjoy this. 3½ Stars."
   -- celluloid
"I turned this movie on, laying in bed curled up in my covers, all set for a B movie with bad story, bad characters, bad acting, bad effects but I was pleasantly surprised. The movie, obviously pays homage to the EVIL DEAD series with Bruce Campbell, even so much as to cameo a black and white photo pinup of Campbell in one great death scene. All hell breaks loose, as we set the stage for madness, mayhem, and murder fun. The characters were somewhat reminiscent of the old WAX MUSEUM remake of Vincent Price’s original, but that’s an homage I can live with. Overall score: 8/10."
"Be sure and catch THE HAZING on DVD. I passed over a copy at Blockbuster several times before giving in, but it really is one of the best horror movies I’ve seen all year. It has likable characters, classic 80s anything-goes demonic attacks, and Brad Dourif as an evil wizard. Neat!"
   -- Ironic
"THE HAZING has been one of the 'sleeper' horror films this year and has really caught fire among many genre fans because of the great cast, humor, and gore. The casting has been justifiably praised due to the presence of Brad Dourif, Tiffany Shepis, and Parry Shen…"
   -- The Keyhole,
"I did like this film…Why? The actors and the dialogue. We have 3 tremendous performances by Nectar Rose, Tiffany Shepis, and Parry Shen. The dialogue and stories of each character are good. The detail for the character of Tim and his fears was different and had a nice touch. The fact that they toss in some nudity between the main female leads of course never hurts but the ladies show talent along with skin. A for the ending…it’s got a 'machismo' to it. It’s not the standard ending, but it’s got 'balls' and I’m ok with it. A great part of the DVD is the 'Behind the Scenes' shot by Tiffany Shepis. I’ve already seen her in a few films and she’s becoming a great talent and frankly, a fun person. This movie has a cool DVD cover with Nectar…after judging the film by it’s cover and renting it, you’ll still enjoy the experience!"
   -- Obscure
"THE HAZING tries its best to mimic a number of other horror films, most noticeably THE EVIL DEAD, yet it does manage to find some uniqueness of its own. It definitely does the trick of being entertaining for 90 minutes. THE HAZING will definitely be a hit with the MTV Generation of weekend film renters. If Kanefsky keeps up his current pace, he might just get a shot at a regular B horror film that manages a theatrical release. I can think of several Hollywood features far less deserving than this one, so enjoy spending your Halloween with THE HAZING. B-."
"Very few movies are able to blend humor and horror successfully, and THE HAZING is definitely one of them. This film is full of slick camera shots, witty and usually hysterical dialogue, a few over usages of blood (which is always a plus), and for the most part pretty likable characters. Plus the sex factor here is real high. While some of the kills and action sequences were a little over the top, they were definitely original and entertaining. There’s not much filler here… I don’t say this a lot, but this film was really fun to watch. I am actually excited to watch this again.
4 skulls."
"Yet another decent horror-comedy is punished and denied at least a limited theatrical release. THE HAZING is the latest in the 'Haunted House via Demonic Possession' sub-genre. What follows is a homage to many 80s camp classics. Living tongues, horny mannequins, and human dartboards are just the beginning, with most of the surprisingly clever jokes coming from various winks and nods to such classics as HOUSE and especially the EVIL DEAD series. The two leads, Nectar Rose and Parry Shen are better than you’d expect... Rose shines in her first lead role. For such a low budget affair, the gore and makeup effects are well-done. All in all, THE HAZING is definitely worth at least a rental, or a purchase if those of you like your horror comedy tongue-in-cheek yet light on the red stuff. 3 stars."
"DEAD SCARED (aka THE HAZING) is an attempt to recapture the violent black humour of THE EVIL DEAD… I’m not certain it entirely succeeds but it does have its funny moments. It’s worth mentioning that Professor Kapps is nicely portrayed by Brad Dourif. Check this film out; it doesn’t exactly hack the accepted horror genre apart and start again, but it does maintain your interest better than most other teen horror flicks."
"4 stars. Really damn good. A clever mix of humor and mayhem makes this work renting. Some nudity, including the always hot Tiffany Shepis and horror newcomer Nectar Rose, make this worth owning."
"DEAD SCARED (aka THE HAZING) zips along entertainingly as kids in fancy dress are attacked by demons during a frat initiation."
   -- Empire Magazine (UK)
"[THE HAZING] really delivers the goods. If you’re a fan of eighties bloodbath slashers and you have a taste for in-jokes and horror cliches, then this one is a keeper! It was a great time for all!
4 Skulls- Very good, if not great."
   -- The Horror Library
"THE HAZING is a traditional chiller which still manages to pack a frightening punch. The mostly unknown cast delivers a strong performance at their archetypical characters. I would rate the gore factor on this movie on par with EVIL DEAD. There are some over the top gore scene with a tip of the cap to such classics as TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and EVIL DEAD 2, but this is not a complete gore fest, the blood is, for the most part, tastefully done to go along with the story. A scene to watch for is the 'Tongue lashing' scene. 2 ½ out of 3 headstones."
   -- Cryptic Magazine
"On first viewing, it's easy to put this teen-slash horror film in the same traditional niche as previous well-known terror titles such as Evil Dead or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But DEAD SCARED has a little more going on than that. This film is intentionally shaped to embellish on those horror traditions, and when you're aware of the joke it is hilariously funny.... you just might discover that this highly amusing self-parody can cleverly manage to send up those excessive nuances you've come to expect from the various sorority girl gore-fests you've watched over the years."
          -- (Australia)
(Reviewed under international title, Dead Scared)
"Hollywood madman, Brad Dourif gives his all as a professor who ensnares his students in a haunted house… THE HAZING is a high-energy, big-fun horror romp from cult director Rolfe Kanefsky, and also provides erstwhile Troma babe Tiffany Shepis with her best, most bodacious work to date."
   -- Celebrity Skin Magazine
"This is a pretty good movie. In look and style, this movie is an homage to EVIL DEAD 2… The style actually helps the movie. It’s shot well, is pretty funny, and has some decent gore. On the boob side of things, it’s not too shabby either. Both nudie scenes actually make sense, and the girls are hot."
   -- B-horror Movie Reviews
"THE HAZING is a great throwback to classics like the Evil Dead and Night of the Demons. The director was definitely inspired by Sam Raimi’s style in Evil Dead which I absolutely digged. The acting was good and the gore was awesome, not to mention the movie boosts a shit load of nudity!!! The overall experience was awesome and I definitely recommend this movie to every horror fan!!
4 out of 5. AWESOME!"
"This movie is HELL NIGHT meets WITCHHOUSE with a fresh take on the same old story of pledges locked in a haunted house. What helps the movie along is the cool actor Brad Dourif playing the evil killer and the beautiful, talented, and possibly the hottest actress in horror films: Tiffany Shepis! And yes Tiffany is naked! 3 stars."
   -- Tim Gross, Gross Movie Reviews
"I have a taste for good B-Movies, and this one fits the bill nicely. The recent glut of thrown together horror crap that the Sci-Fi Channel has been generating has left me a bit jaded for newer B-Movies so this was a treat. When the action starts it is creative… The director, Rolfe Kanefsky puts all of the budget on the screen with some good special effects. To add to this, the female leads, Nectar Rose and Tiffany Shepis both play their roles perfectly and add extra dimensions to their characters that take them beyond the typical cardboard cut outs you might expect. All in all I really liked this film a lot. This one is a keeper! I give THE HAZING a 7 out of 10 for originality and proving that low budget doesn’t have to mean low quality. Check it out for yourself."
   -- B Movie
"…a fun ride where ANIMAL HOUSE meets THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE! Writer/director Rolfe Kanefsky gets one helluva lot of things right with this low-budget charmer. For one thing, he writes characters pretty well, surprising the audience with how much we actually come to like them. Their reactions to a lot of the freaky shit that occurs are more realistic than in other B-flicks. Plus, it’s intentionally written as a horror-comedy, so it gets THIS close to becoming completely campy, but still manages to throw some pretty cool special effects and death sequences into the mix. You often hear me talk about T.A.G. movies (Tits, Ass, and Gore) and S.O.B.G.’s (So Bad It’s Good). You’ll be happy to discover that THE HAZING gives you two flicks for the price of one, and it’s completely intentional. Ol’ Brad (Dourif) is definitely not the only actor enjoying himself here, and you gotta love any movie that name-checks Bruce Campbell! A surprisingly entertaining movie…"
"DEAD SCARED (aka THE HAZING) is a decent throwback to the 80s horror flicks… It’s full of scares, laughs, and good-natured fun which is extremely refreshing to see. It borrows well from NIGHT OF THE DEMONS amongst others but it manages to turn itself into a fast-paced, entertaining 87 minutes which I certainly enjoyed. For a start the acting is great. Notable cast member Brad Dourif adds some much needed genre credibility. Nectar Rose does a great turn as the not-so-ditzy-as-she-seems blonde and Tiffany Shepis has a great performance in her skin-tight superhero costume. Both ladies deliver the acting chops when required and also showed enough skin to really make you feel like you were back in the 80s. Parry Shen also has some great moments… and there is a fair amount of gross out (the tongue incident is particularly squeamish) to be had. DEAD SCARED (aka THE HAZING) is simply 87 minutes of pure fun and entertainment which it does exceedingly well. 3 stars!"
   -- Popcorn
"Now here you go- this is exactly what a bargain-bin diver prays for - the holy grail, the diamond in the rough; The Keeper. THE HAZING is, by far and away, the biggest blast discovery I'm made in the genre since I picked up 'The Evil Dead' one Friday night in 1981. Find it, rent it and never, ever forget I'm the one who told you about it... it doesn't ape the Raimi film - it's a nod and a wink and away it goes, fully it's own movie with a great sense of gore and humor. The ever-capable Brad Dourif embodies a tremendous supernatural villain with wit bordering on the flamboyant and all of the main characters pull their weight effortlessly. Absolutely nothing - Nothing - in this film is what you think it is and the director and script play you like a cheap violin right up until the credits run. If the world was just and fair, all of the cash sunk into '“Intermedio,' 'The Jackhammer Massacre'” and 'Vampires: The Turning' should have been ceded to Rolfe Kanefsky based on the immutable principle of Darwin. If I've not made this obvious enough, I declare this a paid-up member of the pantheon of Perfect Pizza Movies. Rent it immediately, or be sentenced to a viewing of 'Season of the Hunted.'"
   -- Bob Bankard,

"While I must admit The Hazing certainly fits in the same mold as Night of the Demons, it breaks out and soars above its predesessors and cinematic cousins, ranking with The Convent as one of the best efforts of its kind. Kudos to Rolfe for taking a familiar story and flagging genre and giving it the jolt of adrenaline with a clever script that is funny in all the right places, populated with likable 3-dimensional characters. It's like revisiting an old beloved film or novel and realizing that you don't remember how it ends. "
     -- Mike Haushalter, Secret Scroll Digest
"I wondered why a low budget horror film had attracted such a wonderful cast but quickly realised that it was all down to the well written and fun script that provides many laughs, scares, jumps and shocks. The Hazing is the perfect film to watch on Halloween night with your friends and is truly the greatest low budget straight to video horror film I have seen in years!!"
"Drawing inspiration from Evil Dead and Scream, The Hazing is a fun little horror movie. There's enough female eye candy and blatant gore to keep hardcore fans happy... a true find for horror fans."
   -- Josh Wikel, WIBC Radio