Brad Dourif (The Lord of the Rings, Urban Legend,
Deadwood, Bride of Chucky),

Tiffany Shepis (Six Feet Under, Bundy,
The Deviants, Bloody Murder 2, Tromeo & Juliet),

Parry Shen (Better Luck Tomorrow,
The New Guy, The First Daughter, The Deviants),

Nectar Rose (Not Another Teen Movie,
Legally Blonde, Bring it On),

Jeremy Maxwell (MTV's Undressed,
The Andy Dick Show, Sabrina),

David Tom (Plesantville, Young & the Restless),

Philip Andrew,

Charmaine DeGrate
 (Sabrina, Mr. Sterling,
Robbery Homicide Division)

and in her film debut
Brooke Burke (Wild on E!, Rank)
The Hazing
The Evil Dead meets Scream as an evil professor ( Brad Dourif, The Lord of the Rings, Deadwood ), through an ancient staff and a book of incantation, possesses the bodies of a group of fraternity and sorority pledges during a night of "hazing" activities in an abandoned mansion. When the students meet one grisly death after another, the survivors finally realize it's the professor who is possessing their friends and killing them all off.

Now none of them trust each other-- is it their friends or puppets of the professor that they're hanging with? Someone better figure it out quick... or none of them will make it through the hellish night of The Hazing!
Brooke Burke of Wild on E! makes her film debut in The Hazing
Brooke Burke
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This hilariously frightening slasher film
now available on VHS/DVD!
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The DVD features the “extended” climactic love scene with Nectar Rose, special behind-the-scenes documentaries, bloopers , and more!
"Rolfe Kanefsky's latest horror flick, THE HAZING is an old-fashioned popcorn movie injected with contemporary gore, T&A, and ass-kicking women... It's a helluva lot of fun... It's a credit to Kanefsky and the actors that they manage to execute the story in a fresh and entertaining way... Funny, gory, and smarter than you would expect, THE HAZING delivers the goods. It'd go great with a few friends and a lot of beer. 3 Skulls!"
-- Ben Sher, Fangoria


WINNER: BEST FEATURE, The 2006 Fright Night Film Festival
Winner: "Best Party Movie"
"This Movie successfully combines The Breakfast Club  with Nightmare on Elm Street. Fans of Evil Dead  will love this one, and it's a blast to watch with a group. Plus, it has Tiffany Shepis in it."
" can't help but guiltily enjoy your 87-minute stay with [The Hazing]... director Rolfe Kanefsky does good work with the production, making especially good use of starlet Nectar Rose.."
"...a winner... The acting is good... The production value was top notch... It's a great flick and deserves some attention."
"Good characters played by good actors saying good dialog, I can't stress enough what a difference that makes... done well from start to finish. It's a keeper."
"An entertaining thrill ride... this is an arousing, fun, fast and sometimes gory little horror film with some accomplished effects and stylized direction.... there's much to enjoy with THE HAZING."
   -- Mark Engle,
"THE HAZING  is a traditional chiller which still manages to pack a frightening punch."
"A demented funhouse ride.... Kanefsky loads up THE HAZING with all sorts of rich genre-potential-- and much like THERE'S NOTHING OUT THERE, manages to end up with a final product that is funnier and more clever than most of its larger-budget contemporaries... Rolfe Kanefsky's THE HAZING is, quite simply, a lot of fun. Highly recommended.
Rating for style- A-. Rating for substance- B+."
   -- Rich Rosell, Digitally
"Rolfe Kanefsky’s college students-in-a-haunted house-on-Halloween-night-film is probably the best thing I have ever seen Tffany Shepis do. Kanefsky tends to make some sexy films without ever degrading any of the women in them, and any woman will enjoy this funny, scary, campy, and interesting movie. It’s got a similar tone to NIGHT OF THE CREEPS and even, to a certain extent, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, though it’s a bit cleverer than either of these two movies. Also there are several hot guys and some fun sex scenes where, again, the women have just as much fun as the men. The Hazing is filled with humor, scares, and imagination. A frightening and fun Haunted House film."
    -- Superheidi,
"A sweet valentine, invoking the babes and body count
of teen Grand Guignol. Rolfe Kanefsky's brisk
direction challenges viewers to spot a surfeit of
in-jokes... Nectar Rose is absolutely adorable..."
      -- Red Hot
"...With some of the most outrageously gruesome effects known to man... a deliriously wild ride of titilation and terror that will leave you stiff!"
   -- The 2004 Florida Film Fest
"Surprisingly good horror comedy... that doesn't take itself too seriously and brings us a couple of laughs on the way... Still, it delivers a lot of jumps as well! Watch out for this one, it's a pretty clever little flick."
   -- AnthroFred,
"Loaded with tons of sight gags and good physical effects this film was just plain fun to watch. It was over the top wild, and I was smiling. I’m glad I gave it a chance because I really liked this film."
   -- Dave Dreher,

"The Hazing is quite the pleasant little surprise. It's a confident and well-mounted B-level comedo-horror cocktail, full of witty barbs, gorgeous babes... and just a bit of brains amidst all the blood."
"’80s-style comedy and horror… The cast deserves major kudos. The nuggets of horror and humor do vividly remind the viewer of genuine ‘80s-era articles of post-ELM STREET horror and post-ANIMAL HOUSE humor. THE HAZING deserves a certain amount of praise for being fast-paced and energetic."
   -- The Sci-Fi Channel,
"Though forced to share the shelves with dozens of inferior contemporaries, THE HAZING is easily one of the coolest movies of its kind to come along in a while and is one of the few instances where a modern take on '80s chills and cheese actually works...THE HAZING is a rarity for the video shelves, a low-budget beauty of a B-movie in which admirable intentions actually culminate in a pleasing payoff. Forget about the other college horrors at Blockbuster and pledge your evening to THE HAZING, one of the best movies of its kind this side of sorority row."
Honorary Mention - Best of 2004
"Everything gallops along at a good pace... Shepis does
best as Marsha, who possess that rare genre quality,
intelligence... this was a very pleasant surprise."