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Despite a nightmare production which is well documented across the net and even on the DVD, Corpses still manages to be "A Rolfe Kanefsky Flick."

The film sees Robert Donovan play bumbling mortician Fred who is about to be put out of business thanks to his two-dollar whore ex-wife who has since shacked up with the town's sherriff (Jeff Fahey) in order to further her own personal goals which include destroying her ex-husband's business, and inevitably his life along with it.

What she doesn't know (along with the rest of the town) is that Fred has created a serum that brings back the dead..but only for an hour at a time. The zombies do Fred's bidding in order to receive a regular fix, and he soon has them hooked

like junkies. Things get out of hand however, when the zombies realise that Fred is all out of serum.

The film comes across as a campy comic book bonanza filled with boobs, blood and body parts and in essence feels like an 80's comedy horror in the vein of Evil Toons. Robert Donovan, Tiffany Shepis and Melinda Bonini have fun in their respective roles and you can tell that Jeff Fahey is having fun with his role, but I didn't care much for his character.

Horror fans will enjoy seeing genre regulars enjoying themselves, including Lorielle New as Babs, and if you've ever wanted to see Tiffany Shepis getting to grips with an erect penis you'll definitely enjoy this all the more.

As usual it is Tiffany Shepis who comes out of it best, as she gets to excercise her comedic talents thanks to encounters with some pervy zombies, and looks gorgeous as ususal, which is amazing considering that a
couple of crack heads beat her up the day before shooting began, fracturing one of her ribs and messing her face up in the process.

Despite the odds being against him, Director Rolfe Kanefsky's passion for the genre and talent as a director shines through. It's nowhere near as good as his previous effort The Hazing  but it's definitely worth a watch if you're a fan of 80's horror/comedy romps. If you don't expect too much and you aren't after scares you'll have fun with this film.

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