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In this modernized Re-Animator flick, a mortician finds a way to bring back the dead... for an hour. The zombies need one injection every hour to stay "alive". As the mortician feels that society has wronged him, he decides to let the zombies go on a killing rampage. The only problem is, the bank is closing down the funeral home to build a mall and there seems to be no way to stop them... almost anyway... desperate times call for desperate measures.

After having seen Rolfe Kanefsky's hilarious horror flick The Hazing I just had to track down a copy of his other new flick. After a lot of searching I found myself a German release... I bought it, got it in the mail and I looked at the back of the cover... "german blablabla guter filme blabla" I thought to myself, well this was fun, I had been quoted on the cover of a movie I had not even seen. I decided not to let it bother me that much though until I had seen the flick and then, if it would be bad as hell, I'd give the German company a piece of my mind. Luckily for them Corpses is a pretty good movie. Far from as good as The Hazing, but still it was rather entertaining... in a cheesy way.

Low budget zombie gore flicks rarely work and most of the ones that I've seen have been absolutely abysmal,
Corpses however has that right charm to it which makes it easier to enjoy this movie without feeling that you're watching something that a couple of friends threw together. By the way, I actually didn't really understand the tagline at first but when you've seen the movie, you realize that it's a pretty clever one, "They've got some time to kill". I thought that was pretty funny. Another thing that made me smile was the fact that Tiffany Shepis was in this. Now, I don't know about you but in my eyes, when I see Tiffany Shepis in a horror flick, I know it won't be absolutely dreadful as she always glows up the screen. The entire cast is rather good actually and we see a couple of familiar faces along the way.

As I mentioned in the plot description, Corpses feels a bit like a modern take on Re-Animator. It's got glowy green serum, unfriendly zombies driven by a mad... well, mortician, not doctor and there's also loads of cheesy gore in here. Corpses is not the best movie to ever get made but it's pretty entertaining and only 80 minutes long so I'd recommend this anytime to a zombie fan.

We get lots of cheesy gore, a girl rips her hands through another girls chest, many dismembered body parts and lots of fake guts. Pretty basic stuff, good rock music, fair background music, sounds like every other horror movie I've seen with a few exceptions.

York Entertainment held onto this for ages before they released it but now that it's out, check it out. It's a pretty cool zombie flick with a little humour in it. If you like movies like The Re-Animator, this will be perfect for you.
It does however suffer from cheesiness.

Review By: AnthroFred

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