Blonde & Blonder

Dee Twiddle (Pamela Anderson) and Dawn St. Dom (Denise Richards) are two blondes on a mission.
They just have no idea what it is!

The stunning blondes first meet in the cockpit of a single-engine Cessna as they learn (while in the air) that neither of them is an instructor! They survive crashing into a major golf tournament, and become fast friends. They discover they've been living next to each other for over a year. Dawn shows Dee her prized Broadway posters, with "Stardom!" as the centerpiece, and demonstrates her dancing "ability," urging Dee to try. Dee is incredible! Dawn can't believe her eyes. The see an ad in the paper for dancing auditions and race downtown to begin living their dreams. They end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, the office of a stoolie in the witness protection program... right after he's murdered by the world's best hired assassin, the Cat.

Swan and Leo, two killers working for the Godfather, watch from the car to get a look at the never-before-seen Cat... just as Dee and Dawn run out the back door after thinking they accidentally killed the club owner. Mistaking them for the real killers-for-hire, Swan and Leo follow the girls to their apartment and offer them a quarter of a million to "take out" the head of the Chinese Mafia, Mr. Wong, as a gift for the Godfather. The girls embark on an adventure that leads them to the dazzling casino strip, where Mr. Wong owns everything.

Federal Agents Gardenia and Campbell, follow what they mistakenly believe is the biggest case of their lives, to bring down the two most prolific hired killers the world has ever seen. The two not-so-bright blondes have no idea they're being hunted by not only the agents, but the killers they've been mistaken for. While alone in the casino, Dawn accidentally turns the remainer of their money into over a million dollars. Dee finally "takes out" Mr. Wong, and has a pretty nice time... until all hell breaks loose. The entire group-- Agents, Mafia and dumb blondes-- end up at the play "Stardom!" A huge battle occurs on stage as everyone tries to either kill or arrest everyone. When it's over, the crowd goes nuts, thinking it was all part of the show. Dee and Dawn, now cleared of any wrongdoing, are left holding over a million dollars, new boyfriends, and an offer to star in a play on Broadway!

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