Horror World

The Ultimate Scream Park! That’s right. An amusement park devoted entirely to scaring you to death. Masked killers, evil clowns, mad doctors, angry supernatural entities, lesbian demonic vampires, zombies, freaks, creatures, and much more all wait for you inside HORROR WORLD. Run by the mysterious Mr. Cross, this is a night that nobody will forget or possibly survive! The horror is only too real in this nightmare-ish roller coaster of thrills and chills. It’s “Night At The Museum…Of Horror!”



There's something in the air and it is effecting people in horrific ways! When a strange yellow mist is released from the earth due to a tremor, anyone who comes in contact with it, suddenly begins acting very strangely. Unusual acts of violence, murder, and sex erupt all over town. The vapor controls you from within and it's spreading rapidly! Invasion Of The Body Snatchers  meets The Fog  in this terrifying tale where the fate of humanity is at stake! Beware, the invasion has begun!



A modern distilling of five classic tales of terror from Edgar Allen Poe into one brand-new horrific story! Told from the killer's point of view, the script interweaves elements from Poe's macabre tales of suspense and gruesome horror, into one pulse-pounding thrill ride!


Images of Fear

When Steven Thomas buys a used video camera at a garage sale and takes it home to his wife and teenage daughter, he quickly discovers he has just let evil into his life. The camera was once owned by a serial killer who not only taped everything he did, but figured out a way to transfer his spirit into the camera when he died!


Demons Suck!

When two 20-something slacker idiots inherit a house that just happens to have the gateway to hell in the basement, get ready for a party to wake the dead! Every 100 years, demons descend upon this house in an attempt to open the gateway and allow their master to emerge and take over the world. It's up to the "gatekeepers" to stop this from happening, and unfortunately, this time the gatekeepers are morons!


There's Still Nothing Out There

The sequel to the cult hit, There's Nothing Out There, TSNOT picks up right where the first one left off. Our hero, Mike Frey, is on the run from the police, the plumber's vengeful brother, and a brand-new baby alien hungry for blood! Teamed with a mute cannibal girl with a heart of gold, and Anne, another horror buff, Mike has to battle for his life trapped in a maple syrup factory surrounded by a group of beautiful bikini-clad girls who have the words "Alien lunch" written all over them! If you were afraid of Nothing... It's back!


Ring of Desire




It looks like an ordinary ring but whoever wears it soon discovers the secret power contained within! When a married couple vacation at a quiet country house with two other women for the weekend, passions are quickly unleashed and desires ignite! The ring can yield complete control over others while corrupting the soul of the wearer. It's an erotic Lord of the Rings, where lust is eternal.


In development in association with ASP Productions